Biosafety Policies

1. No food or drink is allowed in the Main Core or the satellite facilities. No make-up or contact lenses are to be applied in the facilities.

2. Users must submit a yearly disclosure form for all projects.

3. No BSL2, 3, or 4, radioactive, flammable, or high-risk group samples are allowed on the machines.

4. BSL2 samples may be run only on the BSL2 units and require approval by the Core Manager following the submission of valid risk assessment by the user. If we are in doubt we will contact the Health and Safety Officer and your PI for discussion.

5. Users must go through training with the Core staff. Users running BSL2 samples must go through separate BSL2 training.

6. Users must go have gone through their Department Biosafety and Lab safety training.

7. Gloves are not allowed in the BSL1 facility. No open toe shoes are allowed within the Core. The BSL2 facility requires specific PPE.

8. All samples must be brought in a closed container. We suggest a cooler.

9. Users must take their samples away with them and help keep the Core tidy.

10. Any broken glass can be thrown in the yellow glass bin found under the Laminar flow.

11. Any potentially biohazard waste should be put in the orange biohazard bin.

12. General waste can be thrown in the black bin or the blue recycle paper bin.

13. If an incident occurs in the Core an incident report must be filled through the core following University Policy.

Biosafety and Sorting: Pre – Sort Heath and Safety Setup Specifics

Radioactively labelled, flammable, abnormal prion infected samples, or BSL3 samples are not allowed at our facility. The associated aerosol hazard may require additional Biohazard sign on the facility door for the duration of experiment and the use of additional PPE may be recommended (respiratory mask & goggles). The Core Manager has the right to deny sort requests that have no prior specific safety approval, if approved experimental protocols are modified in any way, or if conditions have not been clearly disclosed by the user.

Live primary human sorts requests must be accompanied by screening results and be negative for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV infections. User/PI must confirm that the patient had no known history of active Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and no known exposure to the following agents: Neisseria meningitidis, Chlamydia psittacci, Coxiella burnetii, HTLV-1/ 2, LCMV, or vesicular stomatitis virus. Other experiments may use viral agents (ie. EBV, vaccinia, HTLV, lentivirus, nanoparticle etc.) to manipulate cells, which may require the delegation of designated staff. The use of such reagents in live samples is disclosed on the “Annual Disclosure” and is communicated with the Core Staff prior to appointment requests.

Note: If your in vivo model is considered BSL2 then your sample is also considered BSL2.

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