Intro to flow cytometry course

Save the date!!!

On Monday, May 11 at 12pm the FoMD flow core will be hosting our first Introduction to Flow Cytometry course! Whether you’re new to flow or want a refresher, come out and join us!

If interested or for more information, please email Aja Rieger at

Topics covered will include:
  • Applications of flow cytometry
  • How does a flow cytometer work?
  • Sorting 101
  • Imaging and flow
  • Choosing fluorochromes and the basics of compensation
  • Controls- why do I need them and how do I choose them?
  • Quality assurance and quality control in flow cytometry
  • Data analysis principles and software

When: Monday, May 11; 12-4pm

Where: ECHA 1 498 (course will be capped at 70)

To register, please email with your name, lab, and level of studies (i.e. undergrad, technician, etc.).


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