Intro to Flow Course- winter 2016

Back by popular demand!

Register early to ensure your spot.

On Monday, January 25 at 1 pm the FoMD flow core will be hosting our Introduction to Flow Cytometry course! Whether you’re new to flow or want a refresher, come out and join us!

If interested or for more information, please email Aja Rieger at

Topics covered will include:
  • Applications of flow cytometry
  • How does a flow cytometer work?
  • Sorting 101
  • Imaging and flow
  • Choosing fluorochromes and the basics of compensation
  • Controls- why do I need them and how do I choose them?
  • Quality assurance and quality control in flow cytometry
  • Data analysis principles and software

When: Monday, January 25, 2016; 1-4 pm

Where: Katz 6-003 A and B (course will be capped at 30)

To register, please email with your name, lab, and level of studies (i.e. undergrad, technician, etc.).


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