The BD FACSAria III cell sorter is the high-speed benchtop digital flow cytometer. It is equipped with 4 spatially separated air-cooled lasers – 488 nm, 633 nm, 561 nm and 405 nm allowing for 14 fluorochromes and FSC and SSC parameters in a single cell.

Sorting can be performed into two or four tubes, at three flow rates, with the speed of up to 35,000 events/sec . Most cell types can be accommodated with the use of 130, 100, 85 or 70 micron nozzles. The Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) makes it possible to sort individual cells into multi-well plates, PCR tubes or microscope slides.  Instrument is also equipped with Aerosol Management Option (AMO), a device that traps aerosolized particles. The  system operates on a PC-based Windows XP platform using BD FACSDiva software. Instrument is located in Room 6-67 HMRC.

This instrument is available for user training. 

Filter Configuration– please note that the dyes are just representative dyes on each filter.

Aria IIIU HMRC filters

PDF-iconconfiguration AriaIII Upgr HMRC

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