Fortessa X20 upgrade complete!!

Good afternoon all!

Exciting news in the Flow Core today- the long awaited upgrade on the Fortessa X20 is complete. This upgrade expands the capacity of the violet laser and adds a UV laser to the instrument. A schematic of the new configuration is attached.
For those already using the instrument, please ensure you use the new configuration (September 2016) when you duplicate any experiments created on the previous configuration.
For those of you wanting to use the upgraded instrument, please contact the Flow Core staff to set up a Diva account.
If you there are any questions about the configuration/ upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact the Flow Core.

Flow Cytometry workshop day!

Monday, May 16- Join us for a day of Flow Cytometry learning hosted by FoMD Flow and Beckman Coulter

Where: 6-003 A/B Katz Centre

When: 10:30am-4pm

Topics to include:
Topic 1: Fluorescence theory
Topic 2: Basics of instrumentation
Topic 3: Sorting 101
Topic 4: Image cytometry
Topic 5: Compensation theory
Topic 6: Controls in flow cytometry
Topic 7: Tips and tricks for intracellular staining
Topic 8: Resources available at the FoMD flow core
Please RSVP to
Hope to see you there!


Workshop- April 29

Friday, April 29 we will be hosting our first workshop: Publishing Flow Data


When: Friday April 29

Where: 652 HMRC

Time: 2-3pm


The workshop will be capped at 20 people to facilitate good discussion. Please RSVP to




Welcome to FluoroFinder!

Welcome University of Alberta FoMD! 

We are so excited to launch the FluoroFinder program at the University of Alberta – Flow Cytometry Core (FoMD).

Join the over 180 institutions who use this free service to help save their time and simplify their flow cytometry experiments. 

Get started by finding links to all your machines below:

Aria III – BSL1

Aria III – BSL2

Aria IIIU – Wayne

Canto II

Fortessa Katz

Fortessa SORP

Fortessa X20

Click on the link to view the configuration and start designing a panel now! 
You may also go to and view all your machines.

FluoroFinder is here to help you optimize your time in building panels.

Contact us if you are interested in a remote demonstration of our tool.  We can show you the power and utility of this FREE resource and help expand your current flow experiments! 

Contact us anytime to set up a demonstration! 

Kind Regards,

The FluoroFinder Team

Intro to Flow Course- winter 2016

Back by popular demand!

Register early to ensure your spot.

On Monday, January 25 at 1 pm the FoMD flow core will be hosting our Introduction to Flow Cytometry course! Whether you’re new to flow or want a refresher, come out and join us!

If interested or for more information, please email Aja Rieger at

Topics covered will include:
  • Applications of flow cytometry
  • How does a flow cytometer work?
  • Sorting 101
  • Imaging and flow
  • Choosing fluorochromes and the basics of compensation
  • Controls- why do I need them and how do I choose them?
  • Quality assurance and quality control in flow cytometry
  • Data analysis principles and software

When: Monday, January 25, 2016; 1-4 pm

Where: Katz 6-003 A and B (course will be capped at 30)

To register, please email with your name, lab, and level of studies (i.e. undergrad, technician, etc.).


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