A nice webinar hosted by Science  explaining What Cytometry Can Do For You: The Pros and Cons of Image and Flow Cytometry can be found here .

An excellent quick video tutorial of Flow cytometry and how doublet exclusion gating is done and why its needed, has been made by  Javid Mohammed- click here

The Statistics Centre at the University of Alberta provides consultant services in statistics.

News from the Core

The Amnis ImageStream is now installed and we encourage users to come and try it. Please reserve time/training on this machine using iLab. We will not be charging for this machine until June 2014. Please see the Amnis ImageStream tab for more specifics on the machine and sample prep etc.

We are interested in gathering information on users’ long term needs and interests.

If you have a few minutes we would be delighted if you could take this short anonymous survey on cell sorting with respect to your thoughts on a simple plug and play cell sorter that everyone can learn quickly- click here


Cytometry News Flash via Purdue from Mario Roederer’s Lab  ! – We are very excited by this news.

” I’m pleased to announce the dawn of a new era in fluorescence-based flow cytometry:  A team headed by Pratip Chattopadhyay and Steve Perfetto in my lab, in a close collaboration with a talented group of chemists and engineers at BD Biosciences, performed the first 27-color fluorescence experiment today.  Despite virtually no optimization of the panel, this first attempt to break through the 18 color ceiling was a resounding success.  We are on track to exceed 30 colors within the next few months, and then move on to live cell sorting and other applications.

Be sure to come to Pratip’s talk at Cyto — he will give the last plenary of the meeting, in the afternoon on Wednesday May 21, where he will detail this achievement, and discuss our ongoing development efforts to achieve 40-parameter fluorescence-based analysis.

regards, mr”

To Reserve the Machines, Request Training, Sorting, Help, etc

Click on the iLAB icon and you will be redirected to the iLab Log In page.  For Requests through iLab- Remember to click the SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE END OF THE FORM to submit the forms to the Core and not just save them !

PuzzlePieceLTilt  Click here for a quick reference guide to getting started in iLabs. Please call the Core Manager if you have questions. For people who do not have a iLab’s account please see the FOMD Core Research Facilities for instructions of how to apply for one. For Non-FOMD users please e-mail the Director, Dr. Robinson at e-mail: krobinso@ualberta.ca for an account and include a subject title of NON-FOMD iLab Account. She will get back to you within 72 hrs.

For New Users :

Read the User Responsibilities Section on this website and read about Our Core in iLab. Pricing is detailed in iLab under each machine (see Schedule Equipment).

  1. You MUST have training on the machines before you can run the analysers (this is ca 3hrs).
  2. Sorting training is for advanced users only.
  3. Go to iLab through this site, or the Office of Research Core Facilities >Log into iLab > Go to List All Cores on the Left hand side of the page> Click on List All Cores>  Click on U of A FOMD Flow Cytometry Core> Navigate to the “Request Services Tab” and Click on the Tab> Click on the “Service” that is needed> Click on Request Service on the right hand side of the page > Fill in the Forms> SUBMIT THE FORM TO THE CORE- SAVING or SAVING DRAFT does not submit the form to the core.
  4. The core will follow-up within 24 hrs of a request. If you do not hear from the core within 36 hrs please send us an e-mail cc both the core manager and Dorothy.
  5. If you need to sort cells or have the core staff  run your sample please give at least 48 hrs notifications and submit the sort request forms through iLab.
  6. To Reserve the machines AFTER TRAINING, log into iLab> Go to the U of A FOMD FLOW CORE> there are 2 methods to book the machines: 1) navigate to the ” SCHEDULES TAB”  OR 2) navigate to the Reservation Tab  AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS UNDER THESE TABS TO BOOK THE MACHINES.
  7. You must submit the annual disclosure forms to the core when you come for training and/or on a yearly basis for health and safety reasons. Please refer to the Pathogen Safety Data Sheets and Risk Assessment and University of Alberta Environment, Heath and Safety procedures and guidelines for using cell lines and clinical samples. Users must perform their own risk assessments and the core reserves the right to ask to see them.
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