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Click here and you will be redirected to the iLab Log In page.  For Requests through iLab- Remember to click the SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE END OF THE FORM to submit the forms to the Core and not just save them !

Click here for a quick reference guide to getting started in iLabs.

For people who do not have a iLab’s account please see the FOMD Core Research Facilities for instructions of how to apply for one.

For Non-FOMD users please e-mail the Director, Dr. Robinson at e-mail: krobinso@ualberta.ca for an account and include a subject title of NON-FOMD iLab Account. She will get back to you within 72 hrs.

For New Users : Read the User Responsibilities Section on this website and CLICK HERE  on how to request training.

Remember Doublet Discrimination is Important in Single Cell Analysis

An excellent quick video tutorial on how and why to perform doublet exclusion gating is  has been made by the Flow Cytometry Network- click here.

- With  doublets you have double the area ! Plot Height verus width to gate them out- so make sure you select these in the DIVA Parameters Tab prior to  acquisition. If you do not then you can not do doublet discrimination during post-analysis.

- In DNA cell cycle it can look like 4N i.e. mitotic cells

- In some cases double positives are really a mixed population

The Statistics Centre at the University of Alberta provides consultant services in statistics.

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