About Us

Facility Overview

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Flow Cytometry Facility is a multi-user facility at the University of Alberta, providing a variety of services for internal and private sector investigators.  The facility, established in 1981, today houses 8 instruments (3 FACSArias, FACSCanto and 3 LSR-Fortessas) that offer state-of-the-art analytical flow cytometry, cell sorting, and  data analysis.

The Facility operates on a fee-for-use basis, which allows partial cost recovery for operating expenses and service contracts for the instruments.  A major portion of Facility operating costs is provided through grant support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and financial support from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. 

Using the Flow Cytometry Facility 

All interested investigators should contact  Dorothy Kratochwil-Otto at (780) 492-7780.
The Facility offers assistance to all investigators and graduate students in the development of protocols, experimental design and data analysis.  First-time users of the benchtop analytical instruments need to call to book a training session and facility specific biosafety training.


  • Core staff or user based flow cytometry, sorting and image cytometry acquisition.
  • Software for data analysis.
  • Mandatory training for each piece of equipment.
  • Support the user in learning basic flow cytometry principles to enable them to run their own specimens on the analytic flow cytometers and interpret their data.
  • Advanced training for self-sorts on the sorters.
  • Consistent and extensive instrumentation quality control. Performance reports can be provide for GLP records. Please contact the core staff if this is required.
  • Guidance in performing longitudinal and cross platform studies with regard to data acquisition.
  • Organizing periodical vendor talks to keep users abreast of available reagents and trends.
  • Collaborations, through development and optimization of cytometric techniques and methods.


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